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Looting is a crucial gameplay feature in the game Stash and is used to find Items, usually found within Chests that drop during the Loot Event.

Bags and Inventory:

Players can manipulate their inventory by moving items into different bags, into a gear slot (equipping), or back into a bag (unequipping). You can use item (if they are usable) by right clicking the item or double clicking it. This applies to food and potions as well as other gear.

Players carry loot inside bags in their inventory until they are able to get the items home to their Stash. You start with two bag slots, and each new bag slot that you unlock allows you to hold another bag. Bags range from 6 spaces to 24 spaces, but when you unlock a new slot, you get a bag that holds only two items.

Bags can be bought, traded, or found. Some bags can be earned during special events.

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