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Npc zieri.png
This sweet catfolk doesn't say much, but her inquisitive nature shows itself in her large, curious eyes. Her quiet demeanor often makes some of the rougher crowd try to take advantage of her, but she has a very deep pocket of allies. Some say she's friends with the greatest leaders of the realm. Who knows? She keeps her mouth closed about it.

What is most certainly known, however, is that for anyone intending to become a crafter of some sort, her stall should be one of the first stops. She carries just the right tools to get any beginner on their way to becoming a master.

Zieri is a merchant in Askagard.

Wares for Sale[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Value
Item craftingtool.png Starter Mallet 0
Item craftingtool.png Starter Hammer 0
Item craftingtool.png Starter Spoon 0
Item craftingtool.png Starter Mortar and Pestle 0
Item craftingtool.png Starter Lathe 0
Item craftingtool.png Starter Loupe 0
Item craftingmaintool.png Simple Stove 100
Item craftingmaintool.png Simple Foundry 100
Item craftingmaintool.png Simple Forge 100
Item craftingmaintool.png Simple Alchemist Table 100
Item craftingmaintool.png Simple Workbench 100
Item craftingmaintool.png Simple Infuser 100
Item craftingmaintool.png Disenchanting Machine 500
Icon harvesttool.png Melenium Pickaxe 10
Pick.png Carbonyx Pick 10
Axe.png Ragwood Axe 10
Shears.png Melenium Shears 10
Knife.png Melenium Knife 10
Scissors.png Carbonyx Scissors 10
Map Of Askagard.png