Tiny Barn

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Tiny Barn
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This is a tiny barn that stores animals.
Type: Farming Item
Minimum Skill: 1
Slots: 2
Storage: 10
Value: 250 Triads

The Tiny Barn is a farming structure that you can place in the outdoor area of your BOO. It has two slots for animals which produce Raw Materials over time and a maximum internal storage of 10 units. The produced Raw Materials are stored in the internal storage area until you collect them. Once the internal storage is full the Tiny Barn will not produce any more Raw Materials until you collect the produce inside. You can also slaughter the animals inside the Tiny Barn to get a small amount of leather and Raw Meat.


All kinds of Raw Milk are processed into Cheese with the Cheese Processor purchased at Erynne.

All kinds of Raw Meat are processed into Meat with the Meat Processor purchased at Erynne.

Store Locations[edit | edit source]

The tiny barn can be purchased from the following vendors:

Seller Cost Currency
Verkosh 250 Triads

Animals[edit | edit source]

The tiny barn can be used to raise the following Livestock:

Farming Level Required Animal Name Produces On slaughter
1 Goat Goat Milk [1-3] Tattered Leather [1-2] Raw Goat Steak
10 Sheepie Sheep Milk [1-3] Shabby Leather [1-2] Raw Mutton
20 Cow Milk [1-3] Shabby Leather [1-2] Raw Beef Steak
30 Pig N/A [1-3] Thin Leather [1-3] Raw Pork Chop

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