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Every player has a stall in the Base of Operations. This is where players sell items to one another.

Your stall.jpg

Your stall items are on the left and your stash is on the right. You need to place items in your stash before you can add them to your stall.

There is a 10% sale fee per item sold.

Right clicking on an item in the stall will give you the option to remove or place an advertisement.

Removing your the stall is free every hour then costs either medallions or 35% of the items sale price.

Advertising an item can be done every 5 minutes for free then 100 medallions there after. Advertised items show up in the Newspaper.

You can advertise your whole stall in the Newspaper by buying a custom advertisement within the Newspaper. Further instructions and options are shown in-game.

You can rent a stall in Askagard which will advertise your stall in the market place. Further instructions and options are shown in-game.

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