Starter Hammer

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Starter Hammer
Icon crafting cooking.png
This is an excellent starter hammer for a weaponsmith
Type: crafting tool
Crafting Skill Tier: 1
Level: 1
Value: 10
Used in the Weaponsmith craft.

Starter Hammer is one of the Hammers available in the Stash RPG. It is a crafting skill tier 1 tool used by a weaponsmith for crafting and can be purchased from Zieri in Askagard or crafted by a Maker. It must be placed in BOO stash, and if a Simple Forge is installed outdoors the BOO area, you can start crafting weapons of tier 1 at a rate of 1 craft per station.

Crafting Information[edit | edit source]

To craft Starter Hammer you need: Maker Level 1


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