Shard of Primordium

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Shard of Primordium
The jagged surfaces of this small Shard of Primordium are deep black and highlighted with swirling, prismatic veins. It is unusually heavy for its small size and is faintly warm to the touch. Perhaps multiple shards could fit together and form something more useful.
Type: gear enhancers
Value: 1,500


Shard of Primordium is an item in the Stash RPG. It can be purchased in the Medallion Shop for 100 medallions or 1,500 triads, or looted from chests.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Combine 10 of these to create a Primordium Crystal. Once you have a stack of at least 10 of these, double click the stack (or right click it and select USE), and it will combine them.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

There are three ways to obtain Shards of Primordium:

1) World Drop: After existing a combat victory, there is a random world drop chance that everyone in your party will receive 1 Shard of Primordium. This chance is increased if the combat had higher rank mobs (lieutenants, elites, champions, or bosses) and also by the difficulty of the encounter.

2) Boss Loot Chests: There is a chance for most bosses to have Shards of Primordium in their loot chests, to be distributed normally as post-combat loot.

3) The Medallion Shop