Primordium Crystal

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Primordium Crystal
This complete crystal of Primordium is the union of multiple shards drawn into a matrix that channels their Primordial energies. The crystal can be used on a weapon or armor to enhance its potency.
Type: gear enhancers
Value: 10,000


Primordium Crystal is one of consumables in the Stash RPG. It can be purchased in the Medallion Shop for 500 medallions or 10,000 triads or created by combining 10 shards.

Basic Information[edit | edit source]

When you reach certain character level it's time to update your Gear Set by getting gear of better level. This can be done by crafting gear of better tier, but such an update can only be done once per 5 levels due to the fact that gear recipes go by a level pace of 5. To get decent crafted gear of ≤100% quality for levels inbetween this pace Primordium Crystal can be used.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • After a piece of gear and the Primordium Crystal being used are both moved into inventory, players can either "use" or double-click the Primordium Crystal to enhance a gear piece of choice, which should be clicked on nextly to apply the enhancement and finalize.
  • The process is irreversible. Don't overenhance your gear to a level higher than your character's, you won't be able to equip it!
  • Enhancement attempts of 3+ levels can destroy the gear, so make sure you can afford the loss and have something in stock.
  • The gear will become bind to account which means it cannot be traded. You cannot sell it to players afterwards. Normally players sell their old gear sets for good cash returns. Consider that you are taking the loss!