Obert of Bones

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Obert of Bones stands guard in the Fungeon Caves though no one knows exactly what it is guarding. Perhaps the stories of a mystical strain of fungi that gives everlasting life is true, or perhaps it is the result of an elementalist experiment gone wrong. Some people even theorize that Obert is the remnants of a mad mushroom farmer who sampled way too much of his own products.

Reports of Obert state that the undead appears to be a humanoid skeleton that has gathered armor from adventurers that have trespassed in its cave. Strange mushrooms cling to the creature as it guards the caverns. It is known to pelt adventurers with an arsenal of exploding puffshrooms, releasing a poisonous cloud of noxious spores, and cleaving them with a brutal sword he obtained from some hapless adventurer.

Obert of Bones can be found in Fungeon Caves which is located West Southwest of Askagard.

Respawn Timer: 20 minutes.

All gear dropped by Boss monsters can have up to 80% Quality rating.

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