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The Askagard Avalanche Newspaper is the place in the Stash PRG where all advertised stalls with full database of goods currently advertised by players are shown.


Basic Information[edit | edit source]

Press N to access the newspaper. There are six pages to select from a drop-down menu at the top of it which include:

Note: There is not nor will there be a search function in the Newspaper as it is designed to be much like a real newspaper. The Newspaper has no search field or any automated sorting options deliberately, it is made to avoid automation and make reading the Newspaper more human effort consuming and the listings more personal. You can turn pages to see more items that are listed by clicking the page corner.

Note: only items with AD will be displayed in the Newspaper, but players can access other player's stalls by clicking any item listed, so virtually your whole stall is advertised were you to display even one item.

Favorite Stalls[edit | edit source]

You can add stalls to your Favorites to have a quick link for crafters that keep refreshing their stalls with items you might want, click the star mark to favorite/unfavorite a stall. Up to ten stalls can be displayed as favorites at a time, although if you favorite more stalls, the others will get displayed after you unfavorite a displayed stall from the list by click the stall's star once again. All favorite stalls will be displayed beneath the Newspaper's pages.

[edit | edit source]

The Newspaper has special frame for Sponsors, called "custom advertisement" located in the top corner of every page, with a custom text optionally added for the sponsored advertisement. You can become the Sponsor by paying as low as 4000 triads per month, or can optionally pay medallions. The Sponsor interface looks exactly as the one from the city market stall but with less options available at the top frame. The sponsored page will display your stall on click. If many players sponsor the same page, their advertisements will be displayed at random.

Tips:[edit | edit source]

  • People tend to special in selling items that are alike, so clicking on an advertise item that is similar will bring you to their stall which might have the item you are looking for, so make sure you check their whole stall.

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