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Looting[edit | edit source]

Looting is a crucial gameplay feature in the game Stash and is used to find Items, usually found within Chests that drop during the Loot Event.

Grab And Go[edit | edit source]

  • If the loot rule of your party is set to "Grab and Go", once the last monster dies, the chest does not appear, you exit the combat encounter instantly and the loot is automatically distributed at random between all members of your party.
  • You will get a system chat message stating whether you have collected anything, or failed to collect something due to insufficient inventory space. Stackable items are looted until a stack is full, then a new stack is started given you have an empty inventory slot.
  • If you only want stackables in your loot, it is a good idea to prepare an incomplete stack of stackables in every bag you got, by manually splitting and distributing the stackables between your bags, so that when one stack fills up, even if you have no empty inventory space, the stackable will keep getting looted into the pre-made stack located in another bag.
  • You cannot have multiple pre-made stacks of the same item in the same bag due to the fact that every stackable will get auto-combined into one stack if many incomplete stacks of it are found inside a single bag, therefore you want to get as many bags as possible to keep grinding XP without the need of managing your inventory.
  • You can keep collecting stackables, XP and triads even if your inventory is full, for an indefinite period of time!

Inventory[edit | edit source]


Players can manipulate their inventory by moving items into different bags, into a gear slot (equipping), or back into a bag (unequipping). You can use item (if they are usable) by right clicking the item or double clicking it. This applies to food and potions as well as other gear.

Bags[edit | edit source]


Players carry loot inside bags in their inventory until they are able to get the items home to their Stash. Players start with 24 slot bag bound to character. You start with one bag slot, and each new bag slot that you unlock allows you to hold another bag. Bags range from 6 spaces to 24 spaces, but when you unlock a new slot, you get a new bag that can hold only six items. To change that bag with a better one, first purchase a bag from Medallion Shop, then drag it from your Inventory Rewards to your Inventory, then drag and drop to swap the new bag with the old one. Old bag will appear in your inventory and can be used later (wish you transfer a bigger bag to your alt) or sold to vendors. An unlocked bag slot cannot be empty! So always carry at least one extra bag in the case you wish to transfer. Don't vendor/destroy extra bag in a rush.

Bags can be bought, traded, or found. Some bags can be earned during special events.

Bag Name Slots Price in Triads / Market price Price in Medallions
Sachet 6 none none
Sack 12 10000 / 8000 2500
Bag 14 20000 / 16000 3200
Satchel 16 40000 / 32000 4000
Pack 18 80000 / 64000 4900
Rucksack 20 160000 / 128000 5900
Knapsack 22 320000 / 256000 7000
Backpack 24 none / 512000 8500
  • bags can be purchased as well from other players for a market price.

Gathering[edit | edit source]

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Crafting[edit | edit source]

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Farming[edit | edit source]

Main article: Farming

Farming allows production of raw materials by animal husbandry and gardening.

Selling Loot[edit | edit source]

You can sell your loot to NPC vendors or to other players via Trade. Note:not all NPC vendors give equal price, Milawe gives cheapest prices for your junk.