Disenchanting Machine

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Disenchanting Machine
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This machine disenchants magical armor and weapons.
Type: Misc. Tool
Level: 1
Value: 500

This item needs to be placed inside the Base of Operations outdoors, and is sold at Zieri's store near market stalls in Town.

Disenchanter.png Machineshop.png

Basic Information[edit | edit source]

  • Only players possessing the Enchanter skill can make use of Disenchanting Machine.
  • Breaking down armor and weapons with enchantments on them will yield some dust.
  • You gain +1 queued item per 5 levels of the Enchanter skill.
  • A Disenchanting Machine inventory can hold up to 15 units of salvaged materials (products) only.
    • If you fail to collect them in time, each new salvage will be irreversibly destroyed no warning!
  • As a BOO upgrades, more Deconstructors of a type can be installed at once allowing for multiple instances of simultaneous deconstructing, please refer to the BOO Level Upgrade Table.
  • Costs 5 triads per each deconstruct.
  • Armor and weapons with enchantments on them have to be placed in stash to show up in the Disenchanting Machine interface.
  • This is the only way in the Stash RPG to get dust, so a Disenchanting Machine is a must have for an Enchanter.
  • It is possible to cancel disenchanting should you change your mind, by double-clicking the disenchant in progress or in queue.

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