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Crafts[edit | edit source]

Crafting is a crucial gameplay feature in the game Stash and is used to create more Loot. Crafted items – whether they are weapons, armor, food, or potions – are the best goods in the land. Each character can choose to become one of the following:

Tips: When choosing a craft, it’s a good idea to also pick complementary gathering skills to go with it. For example, alchemists use a lot of herbs and gems so if you go this route you may want to stick with Herbalism and Lapidary as your primary gathering skills.

Crafting experience is based on the number of materials and tier. 6 materials is 60 exp if in the same tier, half if the tier below your current crafting tier and no experience if two tiers below your current crafting tier.

Picking a Craft[edit | edit source]

The Craftmasters are on the first road to the right when you first enter Askagard. To practice a craft, you’ll need to go the appropriate Craftmaster and learn it.

Pick a Craft.png

Later, if you decide you don’t like the craft you’ve chosen and want to pick another one instead, you’ll have to first visit your Craftmaster and forget your current craft. Then, when you’re craftless, you can choose a new one.

Chef Dialog.png

Getting Crafting Equipment[edit | edit source]

After you’ve picked a craft, you’ll then need to go buy the tools of your trade before you can practice it. For instance, if you’re a chef, you’ll need a spoon and a stove. You can buy these items at Zieri’s Wares, a shop located close to the Craftmasters in Askagard. If you’re not sure which tools you need, just hover your mouse over each item and read its description. Tools and stations above tier 1 are player made by Makers.

Craft Tool Station
Alchemist Mortar and Pestle Alchemist Table
Armorer Mallet Foundry
Chef Spoon Stove
Enchanter Loupe Infuser
Maker Lathe Workbench
Weaponsmith Hammer Forge
Tier Tool Prefix Station Prefix Craft per Station
1 Starter Simple 1
2 Beginner Novice 2
3 Novice Basic 3
4 Intermediate Great 4
5 5

The number of crafting stations you can have is effected by you Base of Operations level.

Tips:[edit | edit source]

  • You can have multiple workstations, such as stoves or foundries, so you can make several items at once (the number you can have is dependent on your BOO level). You'll only need one crafting tool eg a spoon if you're a chef, to use all stations from the same craft.
  • Every 10 craft levels, you will need to upgrade your tools and workstations for higher level equipment (bought from players only, NPCs do not sell higher than level 1)
  • Don't throw away your crafting disasters! Take them to the Salvage Machine in Askagard. You may get some rare, fabled or legendary crafting ingredients from the machine.
  • If you choose to be a chef or an enchanter, your workstation will need to be placed in the interior of your BOO. This means your BOO needs to be at least level 2 to start crafting with these professions.

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