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Clans can be created in the game Stash by groups of players who have similar goals. Each clan is created by an Overlord, but once the Overlord is established. The clan can customize its own power structure.

Players can customize the clan's code, message of the day, and player ranks.

Player Ranks[edit | edit source]

Each clan has ten player ranks that can be assigned with different permissions and different rank icons. A clan can have members who are all completely equal or a complex, tiered structure based on the choice of the creators.

Clan Honor[edit | edit source]

Clan honor is earned by killing ranked mobs or in the bonfire event (see below).

Clan Shop[edit | edit source]

New clan levels unlock additional items in the shop.


Bonfire[edit | edit source]

Bonfires are daily events for a clan to increase their prestige and honor by sitting around a fire for an hour. This is designed to be a time for clan interaction.

There are 3 levels for the bonfire. You need 80 improved incense to level the bonfire to 3.

Steam guide for clan and Bonfire Here

Clan Base of Operation[edit | edit source]

Not yet in-game; Will have clan hall and stash see Roadmap for more.

Clan Experience Potions[edit | edit source]

Contribution points can be used to by +25% experience potion, and +50% experience potions that last 2 hours for any clan member that is online when it is drank. This acts like everyone in the clan potion an exp potion at once, so logging off will save the timer. 25% potion costs 1000 contribution, 50% potion costs 7000.

Known Clans[edit | edit source]

  • Zero to Hero - Turning Zeros into Heroes! /t Kiiara or Aciddeath for an Invite!
  • Purgatory - Top lads dedicated to bettering the game of Stash.
  • The Knights of Rand - Ask in /s to join. "Knights who look after everyone and do their best to guide them in Stash"