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Clans can be created in the game Stash by groups of players who have similar goals. Each clan is created by an Overlord, but once the Overlord is established. The clan can customize its own power structure.

Players can customize the clan's code, message of the day, and player ranks.

Player Ranks[edit | edit source]

Each clan has ten player ranks that can be assigned with different permissions and different rank icons. A clan can have members who are all completely equal or a complex, tiered structure based on the choice of the creators.

Clan Honor[edit | edit source]

The clan honor system has not yet been implemented in the game. Clan members will be able to compete in various functions and events to earn honor for their clan. Clan honor can be spent on clan levels or various clan benefits including clan outposts.

Known Clans[edit | edit source]

1. Askagard War College - Leader: Tenny accepts all player in to our ranks, (focus on game knowledge and spreading the knowledge we find)

2 heroes and heathens - leader holyjoe sundagger all player are welcome new clan looking to build itself up

3. Duck Stompin Gents - Come Stomp Ducks like a Gentleman /t Killua for an invite!

4. Is Better then You - /t Xorne for an invite!

5. Cult of Lajena - Cultists of the God-eater Goddess Lajena. /t Lajena for invite!

6. Zero to Hero - Turning Zeros into Heroes! /t Gattivo or Ombretta for an Invite!

7. Purgatory - Top lads dedicated to bettering the game of Stash.

8. Pikers Union - We also play Stash