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Creating New Character[edit | edit source]

Character Customization is one of the key gameplay features in the game Stash.

The Stash Character Creation screen as of September 30th, 2017.

As shown on the right, it offers several options such as:

Alternative Characters[edit | edit source]

Up to 50 Characters can exist on user's Account and only one Character can be played at a time. Add Character Slot can be purchased with medallions in the Medallion Shop in order to add +1 to the maximum number of Characters on user's Account.

Multiboxing policy[edit | edit source]

In the Stash RPG only one user Account is allowed per person. Multiboxing is not allowed! Bring your friends and travel in a party together. Join a clan.

Shared Stash[edit | edit source]

Shared Stash is located beneath the Stash frame when you open your Stash interface. Your Stash frame will switch to Shared Stash frame once you click the "Switch to Shared Stash" button. From there, you have to click the "Switch to Character Stash" button to return to your Stash frame. Each user's Account has one Shared Stash slot available by default, and medallions can be used to add more Shared Stash slots to further simplify transactions between user's Characters.

Sharing Triads[edit | edit source]

Triads cannot be shared between alts, however e.g. you can purchase a processor and transfer it to your alt to be sold to a NPC vendor for up to 75% of the original price, or sell it to another player who needs processors via direct trade. Also, it can be monetized via an alt's Stall, but the system will charge the seller 10% of the price. Finally, ask your friend or a clan mate to pass the money to your alt via direct trade free of charge, but should they decide to keep the money for themselves you cannot complain, you just made a donation!

Character Stats Screen[edit | edit source]


This screen is accessed by opening your inventory and then selecting "Stats" from the drop down menu on the top ("Character" by default). On this screen you will see main information about your character, as well as character statistics.

Heritage[edit | edit source]

A heritage is purely social thing and is chosen for the purpose of roleplaying.

Clan[edit | edit source]

Main article: Clans

A clan can be created or joined.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Main article: Stats

Class[edit | edit source]

Main article: Classes

Is your character's chosen class. It will affect your gear and abilities pool.

HP[edit | edit source]

Main article: Health

When your Health falls to zero, you die.

Mana[edit | edit source]

Main article: Mana

It is consumed when you use abilities.

XP[edit | edit source]

Experience you gained at current level. Nullifies as you level up.

Level[edit | edit source]

Your character level, it determines tiers of items you are able to use.

XP Debt[edit | edit source]

See also: Death

Try not to die often or you will hoard this. A number of experience points you have to repay before it is nullified. While XP debt is present, all [XP] earned towards the next level is halved so that one half comes towards the next level while another half goes to repay the XP debt. It is actually possible to keep leveling up without nullifying the XP debt. There are special items like Lemon Cookies Of Mortis or Trickster's Treat, by eating those the XP debt can be diminished. XP debt appears when you flee a battle (debt effective from level 11) or die (debt effective from level 5). The XP debt increases with character level and low level players are not affected by the XP debt until they reach level 5.

Level XP Debt on death in %% of level XP
5 0.8%
6 1.5%
7 2.0%
8 2.5%
9 3.0%
10 3.5%
11 4.0%
12 4.5%
13 5.0%
14 5.5%
15 6.0%
16 6.5%
17 7.0%
18 8.0%
19 9.0%
20+ 10.0%

Armor[edit | edit source]

The more armor you have the less damage you will take when attacked with melee.

Resistances[edit | edit source]

Resistances diminish damage taken from spells of the respective element.

Dodge and Parry[edit | edit source]

Are not yet there but are planned in future updates.

Trade Skills[edit | edit source]

Are the six craft your character can have as well as the gathering skills. More craft will be added in the future. Originally having one Crafting Skill Slot, the number of learnable crafts can be increased by purchasing and activating additional Crafting Skill Slot via Medallion Shop.

Misc Combat Statistics[edit | edit source]


    • how many mobs you have killed total
    • total XP earned
    • number of deaths
    • total XP debt forfeited during your adventures
    • and times you have bravely fled a battle :)


Character screen has a box with the same information on stats but with TWD and Ability Power added. TWD stands for Total Weapon Damage and is used to calculate melee attack damage (melee weapons or fists, you will swing a bow like a club in melee). It does include Offhand Weapon but does not include Non-weapon Offhand or Shield. Ability Power is Class Primary Stat and TWD combined into a value. Ability Power affects the magnitude and effectiveness of ability usage and attacks. As abilities consume Mana, the damage is much greater than TWD.

Transactions Between Players[edit | edit source]

Direct Trade[edit | edit source]


You can directly exchange goods with another player by highlighting then right-clicking their character when you see them, and selecting "trade". Another player will get a message box pop up, and after confirming you both will get the trade interface automatically opened. Double-click or drag-and-drop items from your inventory into the exchange frame, or input desired amount of triads. Both players should click "confirm" after which the deal is complete and you can see a receipt. However if one of the players has less inventory space than required to receive all the new items, the trade will be cancelled and you will get the corresponding chat message. Free some space and try again. If the player clicks away while receiving the trade request confirmation window, or you click to move away, your request will be cancelled automatically. Repeat the request. Only one trade request can be served at a time and is deadlocked. This means that no one can request a trade from both players currently engaged in the process of trade, neither both players can request a trade from anyone else nor can they do anything else. Any other action will cancel the trade. You can still chat during the trade!

Players' Stalls[edit | edit source]

The Newspaper[edit | edit source]

Press N to access the Newspaper, or a full database of goods currently advertised by players. There are six categories to select from a drop-down menu at the top of it which include:

Note: only items with AD will be displayed in the Newspaper, but players can access a player's stall by clicking any item, so virtually your whole stall is advertised wish you display even one item.

The Newspaper has special frame for Sponsors, called "custom advertisement" located in the top corner of every page. You can become the Sponsor by paying as low as 4000 triads per month, or can optionally pay medallions. The Sponsor interface looks exactly as the one from the City Market Stall but with less options available at the top frame. The Sponsored page will display your Stall on click. If many players sponsor the same page, their advertisements will be displayed at random.

The Newspaper has no search field or any sorting options on purpose, it is made to avoid automation and make the game feel more personal.

Favorite Stalls[edit | edit source]

You can add up to 10 Players Stalls to your Favorite Stalls list. To do so, click the star mark located at the top of a stall when you browse its goods. You will then be able to access this stall even if no goods there are advertised. To add more stall to your Favorites, if your list is full, just click the star again. All favorite stall are being displayed beneath the Newspaper page.

Friends' Stalls[edit | edit source]

Once your friend granted you access to their BOO you can visit there and click on their stall. You can then purchase anything from their Stall.

Renting a City Market Stall[edit | edit source]


This kind of stall can be rented to further advertise your BOO Stall to players who are shopping in the city. The market stall is located near the Rolling Stone Inn, and several NPC vendors are gathered around the market, thus making it a crowded place. Many players come there to purchase foods and it is not unusual that they can occasionally click the stalls and take a look at your goods. Rental price can be as low as 4000 triads per month. You can optionally rent it with medallions.


BOO Stall[edit | edit source]

Every player has their own stall. It is located at the top of their BOO, has 10 starter slots and can be upgraded to up to 50 slots either with medallions or building materials and triads. Items placed there are retrievable once per hour for a free, or more often for a fee. Selling price can be increased to up to 100 times the market price written on an item, which is the minimum price it can be sold for. AD can be placed on items for free once per 5 minutes, or for a fee if placed more often. Right click an item in your stall to place AD. The item will be marked with AD label which will expire in 48 hours.

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