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Stash RPG has a huge, tile based world map to explore with your character's figurine (a “peg” for short, hence a Peg Base) on the map. Ever played tabletop games? The world view is like a game board in tabletop or miniature gaming. This makes world travel faster, less confusing and more convenient. It is harder to get lost than in most MMOs.

As you explore the world you will find “Points of Interest” : dungeons, caves, mines, towers, fortresses, camps, etc. You can interact with a Point of Interest (POI) to enter it and explore in greater detail. Dungeon is a Points of Interest that have some type of adventure within. Dungeons are where you will find monsters, bosses, exciting and dangerous activities.

There are two types of Dungeons:

World Dungeons: designed by hand for a specific purpose. These dungeons generally have a lore or story reason for their existence.

Private Dungeons: placed randomly at respawn points across the map, they contain encounters with random elemental affinities, provide variety and keep the world fresh and exciting.

World Map[edit | edit source]

No exactly to scale but it is player made, scouted by Aluminara/Serra and upgraded by Sishun.

Stash map copy.jpg

Hitting the "Home" button will orientate your view to north.

Link to Dungeons page.

Resource Tier Map[edit | edit source]

Tier paint.jpg

This is a map roughly showing where resources nodes of set tiers can be found.

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