BOO Decorations

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Base of Operations indoors area can be decorated with player made walls, floors, Boss BOO Decors and mind-blowing furniture sets.

Maker craft allows to create sets of decorations and furniture for sale, such as lotus-themed walls, floor and dinner table with chairs and lamps; other sets contain beds, firepits and even fancy candelabra. This all can make your Base of Operations indoors area original and impressive place to welcome your friends who can have access to your home base via Social Interface.

All decorations have level requirement, so it is also a calling card of your character advancement. While you are supposed to spend a lot of time crafting Chef or Enchanter items indoors, decorating is about surrounding yourself with things that bring you pleasure, like ornaments or beautiful things. Decorating a home lets you express your style and personality. By decorating your house the way you want, you are essentially creating your own little haven where you feel most comfortable. There’s a huge difference between coming home to a barren house and one that’s fully decorated. The latter makes a house feel more lived-in and cozy. And it brings a bit of role-playing into the Stash game.